Thursday, August 23, 2007

the war on democracy

iam a big fan of the works of award winning journalist and film maker john pilger, throughout his career he made about 55 documentaries , he is one of few journalist in this world who try to dig hard for the truth and unfold realities no matter how ugly they may be.

in his latest film and his first major film for the cinema "the war on democracy", pilger who reported from palestine, vietnam,south africa and else where,returns to a part of the world that has long been called "the backyard of the united states", now it is called by leftist british writer tariq ali "the axis of hope".

It is latin america and its people who are engagged now in a struggle for the oldest human purpose :to be free

you can watch it on line here

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New Mexico Prince said...

Again great blog, I am originally from KSA, and have been back to Riyadh for the past 7 months but have lived in New Mexico for long time

I know Governor Bill Richardson in person and I do support his campaign for US presidency, he is very much anti war