Sunday, October 28, 2007

what abou the refugees?

the fire in california left around a million american citizens homeless,it also created a new media frenzy for the corporate tv networks in the us,almost each network is now covering the story of the homeless americans, some are even concerned with their pets!
but a 4 million iraqi refugees is a figure that is not even worth mentioning in american media
why? it is simple,the american audience should always be kept with the impression that everything is going well in "liberated' thanks to the american "presence" there!
it is an attitude that is not only self delusional, it stands on the edge of racism.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

consider the source

no wonder american audience believe that women in the muslim world are opressed when their source on muslim women is Ayan hersi ali!

it is no surprise that they beleive they are threatned by the so called "islamo-facism" when their source on islam is christopher hitchens!

it doesn't surprise me at all that they did beleive that iraq had weapons of mass destruction when their source on iraq is simply "fox news"!

you always need to consider the source.