Tuesday, August 21, 2007

american facism

You really have to excuse Mr. Bush for describing his so called "war on terror" as a "crusade" because that's really how he sees it and how he divides the world: us "the good guys" against them "the bad guys"
But what I really don't get is that phrase he uses so often "islamo-facism"!
Whenever Mr. bush or any member of the newcon gang uses this term I really have to laugh.
what does Islam has to do with fascism ? a western made ideology whose very first victims were Muslims ?
probably Mr. bush doesn’t know this because he missed his history class back at school , but thousands of Muslims in Libya were killed and maimed by the fascist occupation of their country.
General Graziani, the fascist governor of Libya and one of Mussolini favorite generals used to kill the Libyans in very "unique" style, by tying them up and throwing them out of Italian airplanes while shouting at them:" let Muhammad save you now"!
And probably Mr. Bush doesn’t know this either but it was Muslims who fought against this racist ideology.
During World War II, France deployed more than 200,000 soldiers from its colonies in North Africa into the "free French forces" led by general de Gaulle, and most of those soldiers were Muslims, and thanks to them, France achieved it s first victory in World War II since its defeat in 1940.
So, to conclude, for the people of the world today in general and the American people in particular, there's only one fascist that they should really fear and work hand in hand to red the world of.
The one who resides in the white house.


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

excellent picture. he seems so natural in that hair style and mustache, so aesthetically developed! good job.

in my opinion, muslims do not have to justify themselves to the world by clarifying that 200,000 north africans fought in the french army in wwii. let them call us islamofascists, who gives a shit what they think.

alzaher said...

ibn bint jbeil,
actually i do care, because they control the media and whoever controls the media controls the thought

New Mexico Prince said...

This is great blog, and I agree with you about the Media control, Gorge Bush did consider bombing Al Jazeera TV and it's the Internet that showed the American defeat in Iraq.

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Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

whoever controls the media may very well control the thought of a certain kind of people, the kind that are easily swayed. but those who triumphantly free themselves from oppression are not affected by the ignorance or aggression of the media. they know what to do.

New Mexico Prince said...

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