Wednesday, August 22, 2007

modou: music that unites the world

Modou Le Joueur de Hang

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a few days ago, i was invited by modou gay, a musician from sengal and a personal friend of mine to watch a documentray about his journay made by a french director , the film focused on the kind of music modou is trying to make : a rare mix of traditional "sufi" music with modern jazz, to do so , modou travels to countries like :egypt,switzerland and france.
his musical instrument "the hang" fits to almost evey musical style we see in the film , wether traditional oriental music , nubian or jazz.
after watching the film and talking to modou about his journy , i remembered what i was told in my childhood about music "it is the only language all humans can understand"
it is probabley people like modou who can run a "dialogue" between different cultures far better than any politican


elisa davinca said...

hey alzaher,
thats great!!!
I love it
I have been in Senegal some time ago and I never want to miss this experience; great music, you publish here and the message is without any doubt so powerful and simple as well that I want to spread it too :)
thx for this ...

transient said...

sorry no comment on music, just stopped by to check out the blog. interesting, be back soon.

Acrobat of the Road said...


hey, I like your blog. i will be dropping by from time to time to check out your perspectives. I agree on one point, actualy mentioned above: Latin America is now (we are) in the struggle for our freedom. At least, there are winds of change.

Juan Villarino

Trista said...

Keep up the good work.