Wednesday, September 19, 2007

too much for a democracy

i saw this video today at an anti-war website , it shows a student at folrida university asking question to senator john kerry, when he gets to a point when asks about impeaching bush, the police came in to arrest him , and later , even worse,they tasered him!

now if this happened in my university , i wouldnt have found it strange , we are living in a police state, but in the us? too much for the land of the free

the good news is the students at folrida university are already moving against what happened

all my respect and solidarity goes to andrew meyer and his coleagues


elisa davinca said...

Hi, alzaher!

your link on your comment on my site is broken - please post another comment and repair the link please ... you have something to say ... this shouldn't be missed !!!


isn't that incredible what is going on in the so called free and democratic world with its pride of free speech???!!! - and the former sorry-no-president Kerry is continuing with business as usual ... I felt so aweful after that ... what kind of horrors we will see next?

transient said...

wow, who ever said the US was a free country? only those who try to brainwash us into thinking all is alright. This is the norm. The freedom is a controlled environment, since it all disappears as soon as there is resistance to the lies and the horror.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

this meyer kid not only asked about the impeachment, he also brought up some other taboo subjects in his set of questions. they were also part of the reason he was dragged away.

Hossam said...

Ewww! The American police is even worse than Mubarak's pigs..!