Monday, September 3, 2007

dictatorship? what dictatorship?

whenever faced with questions like "where are those wmd's you told us about"? or "what are acheiving in iraq"? the neocon adminstration would repeat the same argument "arent you glad that we've rid the iraqi people and the world from a brutal dictator"?
a dictator? hmmm,that's weird ,because for someone who knows as little about history as i do , i can recall the following:
this us backed and still back a neighbour of iraq named saudi arabia, the prison state, a corrupt monarchy who just happen to be this president as well as his dad's business associates.
and just to the north of iraq there's another dictatorship called the jordanian royal family who is also backed by the us for a clear and simple reason , they are best friends with israel.
not to mention ofcourse the dictatorship in egypt that receives the second largest us aid.
on the other hand, the same adminstration that was so concerned with democracy to the extent that it invaded a soverign country in order to impose it , engineered a coup d'etat in 2002 against an elected president called hugo chavez.
not to mention its ongoing demonization of another elected president , iran's ahmedi najad who got 60% of the votes of his people (that's more than george bush ever got, even by an election fraud)
some people may call this "selective morality" i call it what it is : hypocrisy and double standards.


Jim said...

go here

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

ugh, i am soooo disgusted by the monarchies of the middle east, just as much as i am disgusted by the militarist secularist governments.

i mean is there any other country remaining in the world, other than jordan, where the head of state dresses like a character from a children's fairy tale, in an attire replete with colors and frilly shoulder things and golen crowns and many medals that he has bestowed upon himself.. his sight is just embarrasing!

Amre El-Abyad said...

Moreover, it is indeed naive on part of the west to assume that democracy or rather the Anglo-Saxon version of democracy is the best governance sytem in all societies and at all times.

Annihilation of setting off cultural change is a prerequisite for the ideal of "democracy" which should be indeginous and autonomously developed in the relevant cultural and sociual contexts.

And that is exactly what was happening in Sadam's Iraq, and that was the main reason behind the war aginst the disgusting Khomeiny and his retarded revolution, as it resisted all the progressive endeavours to scularise and modernise the south. Furthermore, Sadam stood as barriers against Persian nationalism and extension into the region

It took Europe 4oo years of autocracy military dicatorships, bloody wars, class wars, in order to reach the current stae of balanced, secure comparitively egalitarian societies. So why dont they want to give us our time to develop?

elisa davinca said...

@amre el-abyad: its not only naiv, it is arrogant and ignorante ... I fully agree with your statement!